How do we offer online courses for $0?

    Vik Aurora | Jun 3, 2020


    Focus Eduvation proposes a $0 upfront cost/Zero Capex towards the development of online courses for a program at a College/ University that is desirous of building credit/non-credit-bearing custom online courses. The college will be responsible for paying Focus EduVation the minimums agreed, or the actual course subscriptions (whichever is higher) for these developed courses (s) through a student subscription model spread over a while.

    Subscription Costs 
    (Possible Options)


    Number Of Courses

    Duration of the contract (Years)

    Minimum Number Of Course Subscribers Per course per Year

    Minimum number of unique course subscribers annually

    Subscription Cost payable per unique course subscriber
















    *All costs are based on 3 credit hours of a developed course and can change based on several factors. Each option stated in the template above is exclusive of each other.

    For example - To build 3 courses under this model, the college will be responsible for a guarantee of 60 unique course subscribers per year (20-course subscribers per course or 60 total across 3 courses), payable at $410 per course subscriber. Since the duration of the contract will be for 3 years, in this example, the college will make a total spend of $73,800 or higher (if the course enrollments are higher than 60) over three years.



    1. The college identifies and provides Focus Eduvation the following information:

    1. The number of courses to be developed.
    2. Identify and notify us of the LMS for the courses to be hosted.
    3. Date by when the courses need to be launched in the LMS
    4. Availability of the faculty for providing the course content. In the event, if the faculty has limited bandwidth for the course development project, then Focus Eduvation can provide college-approved subject matter experts to collaborate with the faculty for writing course maps and content for the course(s). The faculty will still be required to sign-off each course module before the course launch on the LMS.

    2.  The course subscription cost will vary, and is based on the following factors:

    1. The number of course modules to be built.
    2. Level of content complexity. Content complexity can vary between the number of interactives used, type of media assets (use of stock images, videos, animations). Content complexity varies between simple, moderate, and complex.
    3. Student time-on-task per course.
    4. We also propose adding simulations, scenario-based learning, and other application-based media assets in each. Based on the number of such assets within each course, the subscription costs can vary.
    5. The project can commence with one course; however, by adding more courses under an agreement, Focus EduVation can lower the cost of a course.

    3. Focus Eduvation can undertake concurrent course development. This means, more courses can be built and at a rapid pace.

    1. The college will provide annual Course enrollment minimums.
    2. Focus EduVation is paid the minimum guaranteed course enrollments per course under the agreement or the actual number of course enrollments, whichever is higher.
    3. All program management costs, including timely-delivery of courses, are covered under the contract.




    Course Minimums


    Upfront Costs/ Setup Fees


    How does the process commence?

    An agreement is signed between Focus EduVation and the college for an agreed period of time. The agreement will define the scope and engagement of the resources, and the time frame for design and development of the courses.

    Building course maps for each course


    Minimum and Maximum Duration of the agreement between the college and Focus Eduvation

    1 through 3 years. This can be mutually decided, as lesser student enrollments per course-year may warrant additional years of course subscriptions in the agreement.

    What will a course development team look like?

    Focus EduVation’s team will comprise of a Project Manager, Curriculum Specialist, Instructional Designers, Graphic Designers and IT Integration teams. Inclusion of subject matter experts (Optional), can also be considered on a case-by case basis

    Time Frame for building 1 course from Signing of the agreement through uploading the course(s) on the LMS

    90 Business Days

    Who owns the intellectual property of the course(s)

    The College


    Focus Eduvation will provide instructional design support for all courses built for the tenure of the agreement

    Integration with College LMS, including linking the grade book


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