Micro-credential Course Creation Partnership

    Vik Aurora | Jul 28, 2020

    Under a Micro-Credential Course Creation Partnership (MCCP), Focus EduVation anticipates a minimum agreement for a period of one year. There is no maximum term specified under the MCCP. This partnership will be called the principal partnership.

    • Any courses built that are integral to the MCCP partnership have to contribute towards skill building and align directly to a skill or a job and which is also perceived as of high value and significance to the potential enrollee. The identified courses under each MCCP partnership, will not only serve the career interests of the students at the college but also be a widely accepted credential.
    • The credentials developed generated under the MCCP partnership should have significant appeal in the current and post COVID job market.
    • An average MCCP will entail 3 or 5 courses per micro-credential.
    • Both Focus EduVation, and the college will invest in the development of the course content. This process will also involve preliminary research academically and from a broad industry perspective so that we can better align with a more general audience. Potential sectors include healthcare, business, amongst others.
    • Under the MCCP mode, Focus EduVation will not expect the college to provide any guarantees on the minimum number of enrollments course and/or the courses that constitute the micro-credential. However, there will be an agreement to a minimum tenor of 12 months after the first student enrolled in the micro-credential program.
    • Under this partnership, Focus EduVation will also market the micro-credential to other colleges and universities.
    • The intellectual property of any such courses built will be jointly owned, perpetually between the College and Focus EduVation
    • All courses built under the MCCP will be hosted, managed, and delivered on the focus EduVation learning management system

    Focus EduVation will also enter into a royalty agreement with the college for any courses that are subscribed by students from other colleges/universities. The terms of such a royalty arrangement will be based on the duration of the critical partnership with the college.

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