5 Lessons from Academic Advising

    Angela Lydon | May 20, 2020

    Academic advising deals with educational goals of the college or university by working with and empowering students to obtain appropriate academic information, to develop educational and career goals, to learn the skills needed for academic success, and to access the variety of resources and services available to them.




    CF_Owl_Icon-1Partnerships in Higher Education
    FocusEduVation offers assistance with onboarding students interested in starting or continuing their studies. Our team collaborates to ensure student success and increase profit with our college and university partners. Focused on adult learning, we work together to make sure students are a proper fit and exceed their own academic expectations.


    planning-icon-v2-1Promoting Our Opportunities and Benefits
    Getting your college or university name into the minds of prospects, requires effective marketing strategies. We create content for email and text campaigns to catch the attention of thousands of potential students. It is essential to include the variety of benefits and resources a student will receive if they pursue an online degree program. The most valuable concept is to instill a sense of opportunity- showing the student how their lives will prosper after successfully completing a program.

    analysis-icon-v2-1Informing and Converting Inquiries
    It’s likely that our possible future students simultaneously consider other options- it’s necessary to prove our worth and why we are their best choice. The Admissions Counselors inform the inquiries of what they gain by taking their next step with us and reinforcing the career potential they have. A large outreach is conducted and inquiries are contacted routinely to remind them that we are available to provide them with all the information needed to get started with an application and requirements. Documentation is collected by the Admissions Counselor, and once they are accepted, students are handed off to the Adviser.

    CF_Owl_IconAdvising the Students Towards Success
    Our online Adviser connects with the student to schedule a time to go over their personalized academic plan and which courses they will need to take. This provides the student an opportunity to ask relevant questions pertaining to their program. Students receive support in setting up their learning management system (LMS) account, registering for classes, and learning how to navigate through their available resources.

    growth-icon-v2-1Increase in Onboarding and Retention
    Once students are registered, our efforts don’t stop there. Retention is a key part of success after the onboarding process. Those who complete their program, raise the graduation rate and show a high standard of accomplishment retention statistics are reviewed every session to see if our perseverance increases our numbers.

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